Hiatus, and what the future holds

A few weeks ago we played our first concert since the Insurgency Tour – and our last concert for six months. The reason for the upcoming hiatus is that our singer Svein Erik will be journeying Africa and Asia until June. We hope he’ll find inspiration on the trip, and in the meantime the rest of us will record the instrumental parts for a handful of new songs for your enjoyment. The new music is heavy and dark and more progressive than the previous EP. We’ll keep you updated as we go along and be back meaner than ever next summer!

Launch: Insurgency Tour

Tonight is the night! We’re kicking off the Insurgency Tour in Ålesund together with Kurai and Monstereo! Following is a norwegian feature on Kurai, mostly in their own words:


Trash. Groove. Death. Melodier. Heavyrock. Putt det i en bolle, rør i hop, krydre med gitarsoloer og du har Kurai. Vokalister har kommet og gått like ofte som Spinal Tap bytter trommiser. Antall gitarister har variert, men nå er en permanent besetning på fire klar for å ta steget ut fra øvingslokalene i Trondheim. Brødrene PK Grimsland (Gitar og vokal)og Lars Grimsland (Bass og backingvokal), Mads Aas (Trommer) og André Dahl-Jacobsen (Gitar og backingvokal) har spilt konserter på Blæst og Fru Lundgreens i Trondheim denne våren, og er nå klar for et frontalangrep på verden med en hjemmesnekra demo bagasjen – sjekk www.KURAI.no for låter.

PK har tidligere fått oppmerksomhet i P3 med sitt forrige band, “Promethic”. Da han spilte i “Better of Drunk” tatoverte an fan logoen på kassa før bandet ble oppløst. André er vokst opp i skogen, med husets gitar og nabogårdens rock- og metalplatesamling. Mads har tidligere hatt alter egoet Sidekick Mads i 90-talls-/black metal-/eurodance-/popmusikk-coverbandet Sidekick Mads and the Band of Brothers. Lars truet i sin tid med å ikke godkjenne rekneøvingene til Mads på Høgskolen i sør-Trøndelag om han ikke blei med i Kurai, og har ikke angret på det.

Sjekk ut låtene på www.KURAI.no – Kurai spiller fet metal og er klare for å erobre verden!

City Change: Molde Gigs Moved To Ålesund!

Change of plans! Due to reecnt developments with regards to administration and practicality, we decided to relocate the sunday gigs on the Insurgency Tour to Ålesund. This is good news for all involved since Ålesund is about twice as populous as Molde, which means more people will have the opportunity to attend the shows! The venues in reminding cities will be released on Tuesday 12. July alongside final Insurgent-bands. Our sincerest apologies to all Molde-fans! For the most die-hard fans, Ålesund is but a couple hours drive away, so you’re always welcome! We’d also like to give an update on the PledgeMusic campaign. We currently have 8 pledges, a great start! Big thanks to those who pledged! You’re helping make the documentary become reality.

Pieces of the Insurgency Tour Puzzle Falling Into Place

Tonight we announced even more bands for the Insurgency Tour as well as a venue.
You will likely enjoy these bands, they all sport great music in different shapes and forms.

For more details about dates and venues, visit the Insurgency Tour website.


In other news we also launched the PledgeMusic campaign mentioned in the last update. If you’d like to see how the Insurgency Tour unfolds in a detailed 50 min documentary film, we urge you to pledge to help us make that happen. Any small or large amount will help! The documentary will be filmed and produced by News On Request (producers of Død Snø and Himmelblå to mention a few).

Hope to see you on the road when the Insurgents arrive in your town! Till then, enjoy our Insurgency Tour Playlist.


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