In Soviet Russia, Band Review You

You’re used to read reviews of you favorite bands, now get used to getting reviewed yourself! Some quick ground rules: On the plus side we have: headbanging, fistpumping, singing along loudly, original and flattering cheers, buying us beer, and most importantly moshing.  Throwing beer (don’t let the precious liquid go to waste!), male nudity and brawling are all minuses. Let’s kick it of with our first gig at Fru Lundgreen, 27th of May.

We were the underdog of the evenig, opening for Kurai and Electric Sheriff. Still; the area in front of the stage was rather crowded (as per default if there’s more than five people at Fru Lundgreen). After a slightly shaky start due to a tiny delay, you, the crowd seemed to get the hang of it pretty fast. Disproving initial worries of being square (we entered the stage dressed up in white shirts and suspenders) we did our best to play better than we looked.

During Deathmonger we began to see some slight tendencies toward headbanging. Although more aptly described as head tilting, the older brother of plain nodding. We swiftly did away with this by taking the tempo down a notch with Pandemia, though by the end of the first guitar solo the Finishing off with Murder by Nocebo (unreleased) we finally got some headbanging for real. Yeah!

Kurai had quite the loyal group of happy, head-banging fans to help give the night just the right amount of awesome. We can think of exactly one other band who have the capability of assembling a larger group of people screaming consecutive “RAI”s, allthough with the touch of an additional KU- in front!

Finishing of the night were the heavy rockers of Electric Sheriff. With a touch of Hetfield in his voice singer Marius Rostad lead the band steadily through a grooving set somewhat heavier than we had heard them play before. Joining the ranks of headbangers we did our part to ensure a friendly moshpit to wrap the evening up. Just as the last riff faded from the amps fifty man strong outfit of Dia Psalma-troopers headet for the bar for some hard liqour.

If you’re among one of the patriots of that night, thanks for a great showingup! Feel free to rate and review us by leaving a comment below!

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