We support the currency of the future!

We are now set up to receive Bitcoin payments as a means of supporting Apeiron Restraint financially (and we would be very thankful if you’d be so kind). It’s an awesome digital currency that allows for cash-like, digital payments to anyone living anywhere in the world, and without going through a third party. This means Bitcoin is focused on exchanging value between two parties directly, thus it is quite effective and personalized!

Bitcoin also has huge potential for people around the globe living under the oppression of censoring governments or other abstract entities ruled by a minority or majority of coercive power junkies. This could really be a tool for these people to break one step away from enslavement, through enabling peaceful trade with great ease, thereby delegitimzing the forced fiat currency of any corrupt system, which in turn might just make the people freer.

Learn more about the currency here: http://weusecoins.com


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