City Change: Molde Gigs Moved To Ålesund!

Change of plans! Due to reecnt developments with regards to administration and practicality, we decided to relocate the sunday gigs on the Insurgency Tour to Ålesund. This is good news for all involved since Ålesund is about twice as populous as Molde, which means more people will have the opportunity to attend the shows! The venues in reminding cities will be released on Tuesday 12. July alongside final Insurgent-bands. Our sincerest apologies to all Molde-fans! For the most die-hard fans, Ålesund is but a couple hours drive away, so you’re always welcome! We’d also like to give an update on the PledgeMusic campaign. We currently have 8 pledges, a great start! Big thanks to those who pledged! You’re helping make the documentary become reality.

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