With reason in mind and sledgehammers in our hands; Apeiron Restraint is a band you need to hear. A militant atheist, a libertarian, a christian, a hardcore gamer and an overdressed chemist have converged into something unique. With backgrounds spanning from jazz fusion, church music, prog and extreme death metal, the resulting product is a strict and icy composite metal that’ll rock you like Newton’s cradle.

Since the inception, which took place at “Den Gode Nabo”, a local pub in Trondheim, Norway in 2010, the road has been rough. Our drummer Tøsse has suffered from tendonitis since the fall of 2010; to fill the gap while he recovers, Vidar Lehmann has kindly agreed to help out. Despite the hassles, we entered the studio in November ‘10 where our debut EP was born. The location was Trondheim Studio, and with good help from producer Conor Patrick (Josephine, 1001, Shooting Tsar), we finished the record in March ‘11.

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Posted on April 25th, 2011

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