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At the brink of the Aegean war, the Athenians threatened the Spartans that if they did not surrender peacefully, their lands would burn. Their women would be raped and their children enslaved. The Spartans replied confidently: ‘If’. And what better to start off this brutal adventure then a decadent tribute to the greatest madmen of history?

In Hermetic

In the suppression of isolation the young and eager dare to speak up. The masses follow and all who have strenght to speak raise their voices against the tyrants. Seemingly in vain.
It’s a mere coincidence that the song has a such a topical theme. It was written long before the series of rebellions in Northern Africa. Though our story tend toward a roaring defeat, the real life story has a somewhat brighter end.


When the incentives for virtue and reason is withdrawn, men become animals. Finding enjoyment in what he was sent to do, our protagonist makes the best of it. Who is this man? Who does he represent? Not himself. He enjoys his tasks, but he was not always a soldier of fortune. He is a pawn in a game of men with undeserved power; a victim of rhetorics. Under the indoctrinated belief that he is a noble bringer of the greater good, he will perform the most gruesome acts toward fellow brothers and sisters, never questioning the morality of his fulfillments. Actions that would condemn him to a life in solitary confinement at home earns him a medal abroad.


A snapshot of the current state of affairs in a big part of the world. Religion plays a major role in many people’s personal lives, but when corrupt leaders of oppressive regimes take the word of god into justification of violence, the nonsense can no longer be tolerated. In contradiction to what reason and enlightenment suggest, irrational religious belief systems are prosperous all over the globe, predominantly serving propagation of fear, insecurity and false hope.

Posted on April 25th, 2011

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