More bands for Insurgency Tour!

With honor and excitement we bring you yet another update on the Insurgency Tour.
6 more bands have been confirmed for the summer madness, including Electric Sherrif, Irr, Monstereo, Saint in Sin, Seventh, and Shadowmind! Spanning from groovy rock & roll to black & death metal by way of psychedelic rock, these bands will definitely blow your mind in one way or another!


Things are coming together now! We spent thursday night last week filming a presentation video for an upcoming PledgeMusic campaign (will be announced soon). Really looking forward to seeing you on the road! Until then, enjoy our freely downloadable music and check out the other bands to be featured on tour this summer!

6 bands and 1 venue revealed for Insurgency Tour

We are very excited to present to you the first line of bands to be featured on the Insurgency Tour this summer!

Aeon Throne, Blackout Dreams, Inquested, Mammüth, Remorse Is for the Dead and Vinterbris will all be joining up to play at the gigs in July and August. Some will play with us one night, and some will go on the road for several days throughout. Make sure to check out these bands if you haven’t already!


We’d also like to give a heads up about music downloads: the release of our recent EP has been made available in its entirety with many digital formats available for download (including MP3, FLAC, Ogg, and Apple Lossless). And it’s on the house!



Release Concert Audience Review

Alright! Our first EP is officially released! Before long, digital versions of the CD will be available for streaming and purchase from the major digital music services, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Zune,Rhapsody and many more. You can also stream the music directly from this web site, or downlaod MP3 and FLAC versions for free here.

The release concert last friday was awesome! We were honored to have Bullshit Brigade warm up the stage and crowd. It was their first show, and they did a really great job delivering some groovy up-beat stoner rock that night! The audience gave BB a warm welcome, in fact we witnessed a mosh pit in front of the stage, and that, as noted earlier, is a major buy-in for qualifying in the “best audience” league.

As the concert was held at Café 3B in Trondheim, the concert floor in the basement fills up quickly and there’s not much room for the crowd to move around in front of the stage area. We were quite impressed and flattered that so many showed up; people from all age groups were seen among the audience, and in total we estimate about 190 paying guests that night! Thank you all for being there!

Regarding the upcoming Insurgency Tour, we are working hard at making all the different schedules of the other bands fit with the tour plans, and we should also mention that we’ll announce a chunk of the bands who will be featured on tour the upcoming week, so stay tuned!
So long, AR

Insurgency Tour: A Tour in Four Acts

We’ll commence on an epic journey this summer. Taking place in the southern half of Norway from July 17 – August 13, we will lay out on the Insurgency Tour: A Tour in Four Acts. Joining us are awesome bands from a wide range of the Norwegian metal scene. As a nomad metal circus, a couple of fresh bands will play with us every week when the we return to town.
Seven venues in seven cities. 28 concerts in 28 days, 8000km on the road. The tour is completely financed out of the band members’ pockets. We are now working as a label, management, and booking agency as we book all the bands and venues personally. The locations for the tour will be, in order: Molde, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Oslo, Lillehammer, and Trondheim.

This is madness. A tour concept like this has never been done in Norway ever. The film documentarists from News on Request (known for producing Himmelblå and Dead Snow) are sending a camera crew along on the road to make a 50 minute documentary about the tour. We are launching a PledgeMusic campaign to help materialize the creation of this documentary.

[norwegian comment about the band]
“Et veldig originalt band dette her, ikke veldig lett å plassere. Uten tvil et unikt sound som kommer godt med i Trondheim slik at vi får enda større variasjon på det vi har av metal band her. Det skal bli veldig spennende å følge disse guttene!”
- Jan Roger Pettersen, Zone Booking


Web Site Up and Running!

To coincide with our upcoming EP release we are happy to make this web site available to everyone out there! We will try our best to keep it up to date with relevant info as well as irrelevant rants. Enjoy!

I should also take this opportunity to remind you of our release concert, which is to be held at Café 3B in Trondheim, NO the 10th of June. Support: Bullshit Brigade.

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